Hi! I’m Miguel!

I’m a wandering writer and traveler in a relentless pursuit of adventure!

I live to write about my adventures and experiences on the road, the breathtaking beauty of nature, the awe-inspiring magnificence of exotic places, and about the different peoples of the earth and their way of life.

As a travel writer, my goal is to explore this world we call home, and what it means to be human, through travel and storytelling.

How did I start this journey? Where does my love for travel and writing come from?

I’m an explorer by nature, driven by an insatiable curiosity, restless feet, and an adventurous heart. Deep inside, I always felt the road calling me to a life of adventure.

I remember, many years ago, our kindergarten teacher asked us to make a drawing of who we wanted to be when we grew up. I drew a map of Africa in all its vividness, complete with rivers, mountains, and jungles. When asked about what I’d drawn, I told my teacher without hesitation that I wanted to be an explorer.

Growing up, my first travels were through books and thus I became an avid reader. I read every single book on adventure I could get my hands on. I was fascinated about the exploits of adventurers past and present. I read about Sir John Franklin’s disastrous expedition to the Arctic, the voyages of Captain Cook in the South Seas, how Mel Fisher hunted for sunken Spanish treasure, the marvelous finds of archaeologists, anthropologists, biologists and many others who give their all in search of mankind’s next big discovery. For me, the world is a playground ripe for exploration.

Now that I’m a man, it’s my turn to go out into the world. It’s my turn to write the books that will inspire a new generation of travelers and explorers.

“Write to travel, travel to write”

My inspiration and my purpose

Just as I was inspired into a relentless pursuit of travel and adventure by many others who came before me, so too do I want to foster a spirit of adventure in others. I want to share that thirst for exploration and discovery that drives me.

Although the edges of the map have been filled in, I still have to see the world has to offer for myself. I still have islands to discover, foreign foods to taste, interesting people to meet, cultures and traditions to understand.

Even in the age of GPS, the fundamental questions of who we are and where we’re going remain unanswered. These are the questions I seek to explore through my writing.

My mission is to open the world to you, to bring those far off places that much closer. I want to inspire you to live adventurously, entertain you with wild stories, show you how wonderful the world is. I want to prove that the planet we live on isn’t a small place, generate consciousness in my readers.

I want to share my own story of discovery with you, the story of how I set out to explore our world, and humanity’s place in it, through travel and storytelling.

“The world is your comfort zone”

Why did I start Rambling & Roving?

I started Rambling & Roving, my writer’s platform and travel blog, as a way to share my stories, experiences and adventures with you, my dear reader.

Rambling & Roving was the natural result of mixing my two biggest passions in life: traveling and writing.



Often or habitually roaming or wandering while traveling; Writing in a lengthy and digressive way.



To roam or wander about, especially over a wide area.

My main focus is on adventure travel, which I think of as traveling in a way that constantly challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Adventure travel includes everything from outdoor activities (such as hiking, diving or mountain climbing) to cultural tourism (such as visiting a native tribe or staying with someone from a different culture).

When you read my blog, I want you to travel with me as I wander across the world looking for the next great story. I want to teach you to become a better traveler by sharing time-tested tips and advice. I want to show you just how beautiful the world is. I want you to meet people from around the world and get a glimpse into their way of life. I want you to laugh and smile at my mistakes and be there with me when things don’t go as planned but we somehow walk away from it all with a handful of great stories to tell.

Follow me to adventure!